100 treasures

100 treasures from UWA
100 treasures from UWA

"The University of Western Australia was the first free university in the British Empire, providing access to tertiary education to people from all social classes. I regard myself as lucky to be counted as a member of the UWA family, having graduated in 1951. These images ... brought back many happy memories for me of those golden years at that glorious riverside campus when study was undertaken in an atmosphere of sports and socialising. I am grateful to UWA for having opened doors for me that might otherwise have remained closed."

The Honourable Bob Hawke, AC

One hundred treasures have been chosen to celebrate 100 years since the passing of the 1911 Act of Parliament that established the University.

In a delightful mix of the serious and the light-hearted, these images and captions provide glimpses of a fascinating story of cutting-edge research, magnificent art and cultural collections, iconic buildings, memories of student life, a lively centre for the performing arts, magnificent gardens and, most enticingly of all, some secret places and hidden 'treasures' that rarely, if ever, have seen the light of day.

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